6/14/2017 -
We have another successful defense! Congrats Dr. Epley!

2/1/2017 - Cherie's first paper accepted! And... selected for the cover! Awesome!

12/23/2016 -
Jennifer's first paper accepted! Way to go Jen!

11/22/2016 -
Dr. Morris selected to receive the I-APS Young Investigator Award. Proud to be part of such a supportive community!

10/24/2016 -
Shaoyang's first paper accepted to ChemSusChem! Way to go Shaoyang!

10/6/2016 -
Pavel and Spencer's paper accepted to J. Mater. Chem. - Check it out! Water oxidation with MOFs!

9/11/2016 -
Dr. Morris (Invited Speaker) and Pavel present research at MOF 2016. Great time meeting people in the MOF community!

8/26/2016 -
Carlos Landaverde-Alvarado defends his PhD!

8/17/2016 -
Cherie chosen to receive Graduate School Doctoral Assistantship Award! Congrats!



















































News Archive

8/12/2016 - The group welcomes Meng Cai! Great to have you!

8/2/2016 - The first Ph.D. from the Morris group - Dr. Spencer Ahrenholtz!

5/9/2016 -
Thank you to the Dreyfus Foundation for recognizing Dr. Morris as a Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar!

- The Morris group represented well at this year's departmental awards ceremony! Congratulations to Spencer (Research Award), Erick, Rei, Josh (Poster Awards), and Bethany (Outstanding Senior Researcher & many others!)

2/21/2016 -
Dr. Morris is selected as a 2016 Alfred P. Sloan Fellow!

2/3/2016 - Another paper accepted to the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A - in memory of Karen Brewer.

2/3/2016 -
Our paper has been accepted to the Journal of the Electrochemical Society! Congratulations Billy and Bethany!

2/1/2016 -
Dr. Morris receives a NSF Career Award! The group celebrates the funding!

- Dr. Morris is elected the Solid State Chemistry Subdivision Chair, Division of Inorganic Chemistry, American Chemical Society.

- Billy's paper is accepted to Chemical Science! Way to go! Check it out on the Publications Tab!

6/4/2015 -
Paper accepted in JACS! See Publications Tab for access!

- Congratulations to Erick for winning the department's analytical chemistry award!

5/1/2015 - Two of our undergraduates on top at the poster session! Congrats Maddie and Bethany!

4/29/2015 - Spencer completed her internal seminar! One step closer to PhD!

4/23/2015 - On a roll! Shaoyang also passes his preliminary oral! Great job!

- Spencer's new paper is now available online - http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/ic503047y

3/3/2015 - Passed her preliminary oral! Congrats PhD candidate Paula!

3/1/2015 - Erick and Rei were chosen to present their undergraduate research at ACS Boston! Way to go!

8/27/2014 - Andrew's article in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces. ASAP

8/11/2014 - Upcoming press conference featuring Amanda Morris: Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in 2015!

6/10/2014 - Just Accepted! DOI: 10.1021/jp5034195. Check it out!

5/25/2014 - Undergraduate Ben Kolb was selected as the 1st place poster presentation and a best undergraduate researcher awards! Great job Ben!

5/25/2014 - Dr. Morris was awarded the Alan F. Clifford Faculty Service Award

4/8/2014 - Spencer was selected to receive the ACS Women Chemists Committee/Eli Lilly Travel Grant! Congratulations!!!

4/7/2014 - Billy's paper was accepted to J. Phys. Chem. C - view it from the publications tab!

January 1, 2014 – Welcome to the group Paula Celis Salizar and Shaoyang Lin!

December 28, 2013 – Dr. Morris’ interview with localjobsnetwork.com is available online – "I want to be an – Electrochemist"

October 19, 2013
 -Dr. Morris has been awarded a grant from the Department of Energy to support the group’s work in artificial photosynthetic catalysts.

October 26, 2013 -
The Morris Group travels to NC Photochem! Spencer, Andrew, Cherie, and Billy presented posters on their work.

August 2, 2013
- Dr. Morris was selected to be in the inaugural group of American Chemical Society Experts in the area of Sustainable Energy.

June 10, 2013
- Welcome to Billy Maza! Billy is a post doctoral associate working on photocatalysis.

May 8, 2013 -
Spencer passed her original research proposal defense! Congratulations!

April 25, 2013 - 
Cherie passed her prelim exam! Congrats PhD candidate Epley!

April 10, 2013
More funding! Dr. Morris chosen to receive a Virginia Tech Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science Junior Faculty Collaborative Grant for the study hybrid bulk heterojunction solar cells in collaboration with Harry Gibson.

March 29, 2013 -
Dr. Morris was awarded the College of Science Institute for Advanced Study Small Instrumentation Grant to establish a Solar Energy Testing Center.

February 23, 2013
Dr. Morris is Virginia Tech’s Scholar of the Week!

January 2, 2013
Welcome to the lab Jennifer Hay (working on solar cells) and Nishant Iyengar (working on artificial photosynthesis)!

November 15, 2012 
Group members present posters at the Southeast Regional ACS Meeting

October 19, 2012
Our first paper is published!

July 19, 2012 -
Dr. Morris was interviewed by NPR WVTF on the artificial photosynthesis work. Listen to the story here.

June 1, 2012 
- Welcome Andrew Haring to the lab! He will be working on next generation solar cells.

April 21, 2012
 – Prof. Morris is quoted in Science News article.

April 16, 2012
 – Prof. Morris is awarded the Ralph Powe Junior Faculty Award by ORAU.

April 4, 2012
 – Our first grant! We were awarded an ICTAS Junior Collaborative grant to study carbon dioxide reduction with Prof. Eva Marand from VT chemical engineering.

January 1, 2012
 – Welcome Charity (Cherie) Epley to the Morris research group! Cherie is a first year graduate student interested in novel linkers for metal organic framework materials.

September 2011
 – Welcome Spencer Ahrenholtz to the Morris research group! Spencer is a second year graduate student with interests in environmental chemistry.